People of the Pub

In our People of the Pub series give you a brief flight inside the minds of locals, travelers and staff alike.  Get ready for undisclosed, revealing and often ridiculous inside details as we randomly question victims with randomly made up questions.

November 2011

This month we interviewed our very own Ed McGlynn of the pub staff.  Ed has been with Grand Teton Brewing Company for the past five and half years where he has doubled as brewers assistant, bottling supervisor, warehouse manger and retired stand up comedian.  He now finds himself “happier than a pig in s**t with the winning lottery ticket” in the pub four nights a week.

If you could dance to any song right now what would it be?
“It’s a toss up between ABBA’s Dancing Queen and Devo’s Whip It.  That’s right, Whip It.”

If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
“Can a tail be a super power?”

What is the strangest thing you have in your purse or bag right now?
“Which purse?  The one on my person right now has an autographed photo of Boy George.”

What is your beer of choice?
“Black Cauldron Imperial Stout”

Thanks Ed!

5 thoughts on “People of the Pub

  1. Just stopped by in late June on our way to Yellowstone from Arizona. I had no idea you were a Buckeyes fan! It’s where I went to college. The beer was excellent, by the way!

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