2011 Boise Beer Bus

Email Grand Teton Brewing Company at beermail@grandtetonbrewing.com to make your reservations. Spots fill up fast!

Join your fellow beer lovers on an overnight trip to Grand Teton Brewing Company in Victor, Idaho. Tour the brewery, brew your own beer and join in beer tasting seminars.

Bus leaves from Idaho Distributing in Boise, Idaho @ 9 am on Monday September 19th and returns by 9 pm Tuesday the 20th. Comfy lodging, refreshing beverages and meals are provided (breakfast not included).

Buy your ticket now for $249 a seat. Email beermail@grandtetonbrewing.com

Octoberfest 2011

4pm | October 8th | Kotler Arena

Featuring live music by BC/DC!

Oktoberfest, a benefit for Teton Valley Foundation, is thrown by Grand Teton Brewing Company and celebrates the art of beer and brewer’s culture.

For this first time ever, this year’s Oktoberfest Celebration will be held at our very own Kotler Arena to culminate the first day of competition in Victor Velo two-day MooseCross race. Registration in the Moose Cross gets you free admission to the party! Register today for a discounted fee!

With fantastic beer provided by the Grand Teton Brewing Company in Victor, this year’s fundraiser will feature great live music, kids activities, spirited Oktoberfest competitions, and brewery tours. Beers and brats will be available for sale.

Check back later this year for more information on Oktoberfest 2011!

Kettle Brewed Soda…with Style

Black Cherry Soda

Grand Teton Brewing Company is pleased to announce the release of three new Kettle Brewed Sodas!  A year ago we sought to create new soda flavors that would be as unique as the mountain habitat in which we live and work.  Several thousand berries later, we’ve done it!  Mountain Berry, Black Cherry, and Cream Soda are our new flavors.  Together with our award-winning Root Beer, these four sodas are now the designated drivers of our new soda line.  They are the “Honey, what about the kids?” and the “Yes, thanks, I’m the designated driver.”  These new flavors give tribute to those of you who know quality when you taste it and refuse to settle for less.

We kettle brew these new sodas the same way we’ve brewed our Root Beer for the past seven years:  in small batches with 100% cane sugar and pure Teton mountain spring water.  Our brewers use real juice from concentrate and a variety of natural flavors to give our sodas a taste that is hard to resist.

We are also excited to announce that our Kettle Brewed Sodas are now available in Associated Food Stores across the Rocky Mountain West.  Associated Food Stores is a co-op of nearly 600 stores from Montana to Nevada. These stores come in a variety of sizes, from mom and pop old-fashioned markets to large grocery chains.  Please ask for our Kettle Brewed Sodas wherever you buy soda, or give us a call at the brewery for information on where to purchase them.  Better yet, if you happen to be in the area, stop by our pub and cool off with a root beer float in one of our new soda mugs!

Hey, Bartender. There’s a Bug in My Beer!

Unfiltered but focusedActually, there are several million. Yeasts, that is. This summer we completed our transition away from filtering any of our beers. That’s why you might have noticed some haze or cloudiness in your favorite Grand Teton Brewing Company brews.

Unlike ours, the huge majority of beer sold in the U.S. is filtered and pasteurized. The yeast has been removed by filtration or centrifuge, and the beer is “cooked” to kill any microorganisms that might have gotten through the filter. That beer is, in fact, “dead” and declines in freshness and flavor from the moment it is put into the bottle.

Our Brewers’ Series and Cellar Reserve beers, often designed to lay down for a year or more, have always been bottle-conditioned. That means they have been bottled unfiltered with fresh yeast and a small dose of sugar to allow a second fermentation in the bottle. That second fermentation removes oxygen from the bottle and significantly improves the shelf life of the beer. Because the beer is “alive” with yeast, it matures and changes in the bottle, often for the better.

Impressed with the results of bottle-conditioning on our Cellar Reserve and Brewers’ Series, last year we brought the technique to our award-winning Sweetgrass APA and Bitch Creek ESB. These beers, our most popular brands in markets outside our local area, are bottle-conditioned to help them taste as fresh as possible, even after long journeys via truck.

Our wheat beers, including Howling Wolf Weisse Bier, true to style, have always been unfiltered. That means they are bottled with their original yeast. Our daily employee taste panels have confirmed that the presence of yeast in the bottles significantly improves flavor and mouthfeel, giving the beer a richer, fuller body, and can allow the beer to taste fresh as much as 50% longer than filtered beer. The yeast in the bottle is the same as the “brewers’ yeast” sold in health food stores, with all the same benefits.  For more information about brewers’ yeast click here.

Our customers embraced the hazy versions of Sweetgrass and Bitch Creek. Both beers have seen unprecedented growth in the past year, with nary a complaint from our increasingly educated drinkers. This spring we went “all-in,” removing our filter from the brewery, and are no longer filtering any of our beers.

“Hey, bartender, there’s a bug in my beer!”

“Shhhh…everyone’s going to want one.”

US Open Beer Championship 2011

US Open Medals 2011David beat Goliath with a sling and a stone.  Grand Teton Brewing Company did it with a small crew of passionate brewers. The US Open Beer Championships judged the best of the best in craft beer over the July 4th weekend.  More than 1100 beers from around the world were tasted, critiqued and pitted against each other.  Just to be recognized in this major event would have been an honor.  After all, due to high demand and product allocations, we were only able to come up with eight samples for the competition.  Many of the larger breweries entered 20 or more beers. After the smoke cleared, we found ourselves not only in the top ten, but standing 2nd overall! We tip our hats to Deschutes Brewery for their first place finish.

Of the eight beers we submitted, six won medals including four golds! Four out of five of our Signature Brews (year-round core line up 6-pack and draft beers) won medals.

Received Awards:

–       Bitch Creek ESB – Gold Medal American Brown Ale

–       Sweetgrass APA – Gold Medal American Pale Ale

–       Pursuit of Hoppiness – Gold Medal Irish Red

–       The Grand Saison – Gold Medal French/Belgian Style Saison

–       Howling Wolf Weisse Beer – Silver Medal German Hefeweizen

–       Old Faithful Ale – Bronze Medal Golden/Blond Ale

We were among great company too, coming in ahead of  Boston Brewing Co. (Sam Adams), New Belgium and Full Sail finished immediately behind Grand Teton Brewing Company. Our four Gold Medals were the most awarded to any brewery in the competition.

From Good People Come Good Things

One of our core beliefs is that “Good things come from people with good values and passion for where they are and what they do.”  Last month Emily Soderlund, Office Manager and one of our favorite team members, moved back to Minnesota to help a relative in need.  We cannot imagine an act that epitomizes good values and passion more than this.

Emily brightened our days at Grand Teton Brewing Company for more than 5 years, during which time she was the heart and brains of our organization.  Emily answered the phones and greeted visitors. She always knew everything that was going on at the brewery—who was on the road and where, who was on the bottling line, who was on the midnight shift, when that order shipped. She was the company historian, able to recall minute details from years before, and she managed our accounts receivable and payable—always with a smile. She treated customers and vendors as old friends—and many of them became true friends thanks to Emily’s warmth and good humor.

Emily was the brewery’s self-appointed “Cruise Director,” responsible for company morale and team spirit. Her numerous “porch parties” will be remembered fondly, as will such events as the Grand Teton Brewing Company International Invitational Paper Airplane Derby. No employee birthdays were left uncelebrated during Emily’s time here.

In fact, Emily was so important to the workings of the organization that we’ve split her responsibilities among three team members—two who are new. Tracey Schmidt is now handling all Accounts Receivable and Payable. Julie Levy is our new Communications Manager. She’ll have phone duty, but is also editing this newsletter, taking photos, making movies and keeping our website and social networking up to date.  Kathleen Hanson is our new Graphic Designer, but is also taking on many of Emily’s office manager duties. Watch this space in the coming months for pictures and bios of all three.

Emily will be missed in the greater community, too. As a board member of the Teton Arts Council, Emily was instrumental in planning and organizing fundraisers like her infamous 70s/80s Disco Party (at the brewery.) She worked to bring theater to the valley with Shakespeare in the Park, and was instrumental in creating our Art of Beer label art contest.

We all wish Emily the best of luck and hope that her journey will bring her back to us one day.