Kettle Brewed Soda…with Style

Black Cherry Soda

Grand Teton Brewing Company is pleased to announce the release of three new Kettle Brewed Sodas!  A year ago we sought to create new soda flavors that would be as unique as the mountain habitat in which we live and work.  Several thousand berries later, we’ve done it!  Mountain Berry, Black Cherry, and Cream Soda are our new flavors.  Together with our award-winning Root Beer, these four sodas are now the designated drivers of our new soda line.  They are the “Honey, what about the kids?” and the “Yes, thanks, I’m the designated driver.”  These new flavors give tribute to those of you who know quality when you taste it and refuse to settle for less.

We kettle brew these new sodas the same way we’ve brewed our Root Beer for the past seven years:  in small batches with 100% cane sugar and pure Teton mountain spring water.  Our brewers use real juice from concentrate and a variety of natural flavors to give our sodas a taste that is hard to resist.

We are also excited to announce that our Kettle Brewed Sodas are now available in Associated Food Stores across the Rocky Mountain West.  Associated Food Stores is a co-op of nearly 600 stores from Montana to Nevada. These stores come in a variety of sizes, from mom and pop old-fashioned markets to large grocery chains.  Please ask for our Kettle Brewed Sodas wherever you buy soda, or give us a call at the brewery for information on where to purchase them.  Better yet, if you happen to be in the area, stop by our pub and cool off with a root beer float in one of our new soda mugs!

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