US Open Beer Championship 2011

US Open Medals 2011David beat Goliath with a sling and a stone.  Grand Teton Brewing Company did it with a small crew of passionate brewers. The US Open Beer Championships judged the best of the best in craft beer over the July 4th weekend.  More than 1100 beers from around the world were tasted, critiqued and pitted against each other.  Just to be recognized in this major event would have been an honor.  After all, due to high demand and product allocations, we were only able to come up with eight samples for the competition.  Many of the larger breweries entered 20 or more beers. After the smoke cleared, we found ourselves not only in the top ten, but standing 2nd overall! We tip our hats to Deschutes Brewery for their first place finish.

Of the eight beers we submitted, six won medals including four golds! Four out of five of our Signature Brews (year-round core line up 6-pack and draft beers) won medals.

Received Awards:

–       Bitch Creek ESB – Gold Medal American Brown Ale

–       Sweetgrass APA – Gold Medal American Pale Ale

–       Pursuit of Hoppiness – Gold Medal Irish Red

–       The Grand Saison – Gold Medal French/Belgian Style Saison

–       Howling Wolf Weisse Beer – Silver Medal German Hefeweizen

–       Old Faithful Ale – Bronze Medal Golden/Blond Ale

We were among great company too, coming in ahead of  Boston Brewing Co. (Sam Adams), New Belgium and Full Sail finished immediately behind Grand Teton Brewing Company. Our four Gold Medals were the most awarded to any brewery in the competition.

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