How Old is Your Beer?

Have you ever opened a bottle of your favorite beer and it just didn’t taste right?   What did you blame it on?  Did you think you just got a bad bottle?  A batch of beer that wasn’t up to par?  Your hangover?  Maybe the beer didn’t match up with something you had eaten recently?  Realistically, it was something much more simple.  By any chance did you check the date code?

Every year, we receive several consumer complaints about product quality.  Almost exclusively, it’s another case of out-dated beer (usually WAY out-of-date!)  Great efforts are taken to keep our products fresh in all our markets, but inevitably some old product slips through the cracks or simply hangs in someone’s garage for too long.  Our signature beers should be consumed within the first 4 months after being bottled or kegged. We do design beers that are meant to be cellared and aged, but those beers are usually confined to our Cellar Reserve Series.

Every bottle and every keg of beer we produce is clearly marked with the date it was filled.  We don’t use complicated coding systems like many breweries and want every consumer to know the age of their beer exactly.  So next time you are looking to buy beer, check the date codes.  Let the store owner/manager know if they have old product on the shelf.  If you can’t find a date code or if it’s too old, don’t buy it.

Chuck Nowicki

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