Bon Voyage, “John Beer”

Rob Mullin

The first of this month marked the last day for our Western States Sales Manager John Lundholm with Grand Teton Brewing Company. After decades of work in every segment of the beer industry, from retailer to brewery, from Florida to California, and with three years representing us, John is “retiring” to spend time with his new family.

A confirmed bachelor, last year John nevertheless succumbed to the charms of a lovely woman with a five-year-old son. They were soon married and are expecting a baby in January. For some reason John decided that the 70 hour work weeks and non-stop travel of a beer salesman did not suit his new position as husband and father. All of us at Grand Teton Brewing Company wish Neusa, Brian, John and “Baby” Lundholm the best of luck and Bon Voyage on their wonderful new journey together.

From left; Matt Berg (West Coast Sales Rep), Chris Furbacher (Midwest Sales Rep), John Lundholm, Martin Franciscovich (Area Sales Rep) and Chuck Nowicki (Sales and Marketing Director)

Though John’s rather large shoes will be difficult to fill, we are happy to say that his position with Grand Teton Brewing Company has been filled by Matt Berg, long-time representative for Sierra Nevada Brewing in Northern California. Matt brings years of craft beer experience, a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Watch this space in the coming months for more on Matt and the rest of our great new team members.




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