Coming Home Holiday Ale – Origin of the Species

What a great time of the year. The crops have been harvested, snow plows are ready to roll and preparations for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are in high gear. To the Grand Teton Brewing Company family that means brewing, packaging and shipping our annual release of this year’s Holiday Ale, Coming Home 2011. We are well along in the process with kegs and cases of 750 mL. bottles already arriving at our distributors’ warehouses and on the shelves of our retailers.

This is the second release in the Coming Home Holiday Ale series so we thought we’d share our vision for this annual tradition. First and foremost, we are blessed to have a talented group of brewers so we are continually thinking about the best ways to showcase their technical and creative abilities. Combine their capabilities with our core values of quality, efficiency, environmental stewardship and community and it was an easy jump to doing something unique for the holidays.

Consistent with our collaborative approach to decisions at the brewery, everyone in the company weighed-in with ideas, including some of the usual ‘way out there’ stuff. The result was a consensus to create and grow an annual Holiday Ale program with the following attributes: a different ‘cellar-able’ beer each year, festive and distinctive packaging, released to retail customers on November 1st, and limited quantity so it is all sold by Christmas. It seemed simple enough but we were searching for the right bow with which to ‘wrap the package’.  While discussing the project a year ago an employee said,  “The word that comes to mind when Coming Home for the holidays is ‘special’.”

With that final touch, the program was complete. We hope you enjoy our Coming Home 2011 Holiday Ale, a “special beer for a special time with special friends”, this year and in the years to come.


Steve Furbacher
President and CEO 

For more information about Coming Home 2011 Holiday Ale click here.

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