Our Brewmaster: Rob Mullin

We would like to reintroduce our Brewmaster and COO Rob Mullin.  Born in Munich, Germany, Rob is no stranger to the beer industry.  Conveniently enough he is the descendant of a long line of moonshiners, bootleggers, and speakeasy owners.  Weaned on black lager, he grew up to brew his own beer, going professional in 1990 as a brew lackey/delivery boy for Old Dominion Brewing Company in Virginia.  After brewing professionally in Manhattan and New Jersey, Rob eventually made his way to Paradise — the Teton Mountains and Victor, Idaho (officially, The World’s Best Place to Craft Beer.)

Rob is now in his tenth year as Brewmaster at Grand Teton Brewing Company and still loving every minute of it!  In 2009,  he was also given the title COO (chief operating officer) when the brewery ownership changed hands.  Rob is now responsible for handling daily operations at the brewery.  Over the last ten years, he has developed beer recipes like Bitch Creek and our famous Root Beer.   He has been a strong advocate of efficiency, cost management,  reducing our environmental footprint, safety and quality control.  Rob has worked hard with the new owners to establish a quality control  program envied by other breweries. He has also been instrumental in helping to hire terrific employees in the brewery itself, in the office and in sales.  With both a Yale education and a Siebel Institue diploma, Rob is the complete package.   We are so lucky to have him as our Brewmaster/COO.    As long as Rob remains at Grand Teton Brewing Company, our beer will continue to shine.  We know this because he samples every batch!

Tune in next month to read more about Rob Mullin’s craft beer philosophy.

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