Grand Teton Brewing wins two medals at World Beer Cup!

Charlie Papazian, President of the Brewers Association, calls the World Beer Cup, “The Olympics of Beer Competition.”   799 breweries from 54 countries entered 3,921 beers into this year’s competition.  (That’s a lot of beer!)

This year’s competition was held in San Diego, CA and winners were announced on May 5th.  Beers were tasted and critiqued by 211 judges from 27 countries.  The judging panel consisted entirely of professional brewers and industry experts, two-thirds of these judges coming from outside the USA.  They were assisted by over 250 beer enthusiasts who stewarded the blind tasting competition.  For all this effort, only 284 medals were awarded over 95 categories.  To win at this level of competition is truly a world-class accomplishment.

Grand Teton Brewing is honored and proud to announce we took home two of these medals.  Pursuit of Hoppiness Imperial Red Ale won the Bronze Medal in the Imperial Red Ale Category.  From our renowned Cellar Reserve series, 5 O’Clock Shadow Double Black Lager won the Bronze Medal in the Kellerbier/Zwickelbier category.  

We’ve always strived to brew the highest quality handcrafted beers without compromise.  This recognition gives affirmation that our dedication, values and passions are in the right place.

We raise our pints to our brew crew and all others who every day dedicate themselves to following their passions and doing the right thing.

Bringing Home the Gold from NABA Awards

Our competition medals didn’t stop at the World Beer Cup.  Two Gold Medals and a Silver were brought home from the North American Brewers Association‘s (NABA) Mountain Brewers Beer Fest this month.  Bitch Creek ESB was awarded Gold in the American Style Brown Ale category, the fifth gold Bitch Creek has received from NABA.  Gold was also awarded to Pursuit of Hoppiness in the Double/Imperial Red Category.  While Sweetgrass APA brought home a shinny Silver in the American Style Pale Ale category, its 3rd medal of honor from NABA.

In the opinion of many, the NABAWorld Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) are the top three beer competitions in the country.  Pursuit of Hoppiness is now in position for the “triple crown”, having already been awarded Gold at the NABA and World Beer Cup competitions this year.  Bitch Creek ESB is now an 11-time gold medal winner.  While Sweetgrass has become our fastest growing and largest selling brand.  We are proud of our award winning brews and confident they can stand against anyone at the highest level of competition.