Press 1 for a Human Being

We have always believed that our customers should be treated exactly as we want to be treated. This extends to how your calls to the Brewery are answered. It has long been our objective to have every phone call answered by a person… someone live and understandable… during our normal business hours.

It’s time to put faces and names to the voices of our dedicated employees who daily strive to ensure that every phone call to Grand Teton Brewing is answered by someone… and not a machine. It is through his or her commitment to customer service that you are able to talk with someone when you call us.

Oh, it has not always been easy for them. First they coped with a “new high tech” phone system that made certain they got plenty of exercise during the work day as they chased around the brewery looking for the person for whom a call was intended. Only problem with the system is that it did not serve to both have a caller on the phone and page someone to handle the call. As they endeavored to get the call routed correctly they chased around the brewery searching for the proper person.

Next we made a decision to switch phone service and moved to VoIP service. Yes, the phones had all of the required functionality… call handling, concurrent internal paging and efficient call forwarding and individual message boxes if the caller elects to simply leave a message. Only problem was that it dropped calls, intermittently lost connection and a number of other frustrating problems.

Not to be deterred from their desire to have a person actually answer every call, they hounded the phone manufacturer and our internet service provider until finally we achieved harmony between technology and our dedicated staff’s objectives.

Kathleen Hanson and Julie Levy (pictured) are the driving force behind our “every call is answered by a person” approach to providing the best possible experience when you, our customers, call Grand Teton Brewing to ask for advice, find our beer and soda, find directions and discuss ongoing business. We are blessed that they are part of our Team.


One thought on “Press 1 for a Human Being

  1. I love Grand Teton brewing. I love their brews so much and the more I learn about the co., the more I love them. I’m a building Engineer at a large hospital in MPLS, Minnesota. I would love to school under your Engineers to learn everything. I always am telling people about your brews. It’s fun to see which one they like the best. When they pick one it’s always their favorite brew of all time. what ever it is they pick. Your on to something great. Keep up the platinum work that you do. Your the best! Your biggest fan. Brad.

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