Sweetgrass WINS at Good Food Awards 2014

Good Food Awards Winner Seal 20142014 GOOD FOOD AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 16, 2014) – This year’s winners were selected from 1,450 entries from all 50 states in a Blind Tasting held in September.  The 225 judges, experts in their various industries, flew to San Francisco for a full day of blind tasting.  Those that rose to the top were subject to a rigorous vetting process to verify they met the sustainability and social responsibility criteria to win a Good Food Award.  This year’s Good Food Award winners exemplify excellence in both taste and responsible production. 

Grand Teton Brewing Company, Sweetgrass APA, Idaho

SG 12oz bottleWEB

Here’s just a few reasons Sweetgrass was a winner:

Our beer is crafted with Teton mountain glacier water, local barley, hops and yeast. No artificial ingredients are used in our brews. This year more than half of our hops were grown in Southern Idaho. We expect as much as 85% of our hops will be locally sourced by the end of our current five-year contract cycle. We have always brewed with pure, clean Teton mountain glacier water, filtered over the course of 300-500 years by Teton mountain limestone and granite before it surfaces at a spring a half mile from the brewery.

Our water recycling process is such that as water is used to cool the wort (the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing) it is recaptured and re-used for the next brew. As for resource conservation, the heat recovered from the wort is used in the next brew. Heat generated by yeast during the fermentation process is used to preheat water for brewing and cleaning. Our spent grain is donated to a local farmer to feed his cattle. Additionally yeast is saved and spread on local fields, as the yeast is reportedly good for the soil. All of the lights in our brewery are energy efficient and we are in the process of re-insulating our warehouse.

We are excited that Sweetgrass has won the Good Food Awards for a second time (2011 and 2014).  To see if it is available near you, check out our distribution page.