2006 Paradise Pilsner

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To Whom It May Concern or to Whom it May Drink:

PPToday, 8 years later after this young but tasty bottle of 2006 Imperial Pilsner 8.26% ABV has sat on our fridge and waited for a special occasion to be opened…..WE OPENED IT AND THE BEER WAS EPIC.  My husband and I bought this single bottle of wax dipped Cellar Reserve on the same trip that we became engaged on.  We actually bought two, one to drink that trip and one to save just for the hell of it.  Tonight, a Saturday, with our kid playing in the backyard with her cousins and our dear brother and sister nearby, we decided to open the bottle after chilling it for a few hours.  I will say this… I was sad, anxious and excited all at the same time.  I was watching the same bottle of Pilsner I picked off a shelf 8 years ago…. the same bottle that has sat on my fridge for years beckoning me to open it…. tonight it was being romanced and loved prior to opening and being drank.  I will say this again….IT WAS EPIC.  The beer was smooth with a hint of memory that was longing to be relived and a splash of trouble that was dying to come out and play.  I don’t know how else to explain it but if this aged beer came in a 6 pack or better yet a keg we would own stock or at least help brew the kegs.  Thank you Grand Teton Brewing Co!  Not only have you given me another memory to cherish but one that comes with a previous memory, laughter and good beer.

We love you guys,

Amy and Justin C.

We are impressed that Amy and Justin were able to resist opening this bottle for eight years! Our cellar reserve beers, when aged properly, will become beers to be cherished.

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